Hello, I’m Alvise Memo.Alvise Memo

I was born 13 February 1991 near Venice, in Italy. I’ve grown up with passion for mechanics and engineering. While I was young I experimented on motorcycles to build something new and different and that lead me to informatics, as it doesn’t take so much space in a garage as three-disassembled bikes does. I’ve been interested in 3D graphics, machine learning and virtual/augmented reality.

I graduated in 2013 at University of Padua in Information Engineering with a thesis on “Data acquisition with cameras and ToF sensors”. In 2015 I obtained also a Master degree in Informatics Engineering, with a work called “Multi-model Head Mounted Vision System with Gesture Interface”.


Feel free to contact me at


A full CV, that Ill try to keep updated is available here (updated 24-05-2017).

To see my publications and my thesis, please go to the publication page.



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