Monthly Archives: November 2015


Hello. Today I present a small software that helped me during my tests on HMDs and that I personally keep using every time I consume media on one of my prototypes.

I called it FastSBS as it’s purpose is to take any content visualized on-screen, and re-render it with customization setup and deformations. The flow to use it is straight-forward:

  • open the media you want to render with custom parameters (can be anything from movies, games, even the web-browser)
  • launch FastSBS
  • Set the width and the height of the window you want to output the media to, and the id of the window with the desired content opened before
  • Customize the parameters such as screen center, eyes offset and eyes radius.
  • Enjoy!

The software runs stable at 60FPS on a single thread, it uses memory on the GPU for storing the acquired frame, and uses the DMA transfer method available by PBOs operations.

To download the software click


if you want to get the code and compile it by yourself or modify it, download here!.

(currently only tested on Windows 7 64bit, you may need to install MSVC11.dll, available from Microsoft website here).


Creative Commons License
FastSBS by Alvise Memo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.